Hunyo 03, 2012


How fierce this dance group is? I'm referring to KAZAKY(also known as The Boys In Heels) a Ukrainian all male dance group formed by Oleg Zhezhel, Artur Gaspar, Kyryll Fedorenko and  Francesco Borgato. They're so amazing, they're making skyscraper heels look so comfortable. and oh they're dancing!

Their performance at Dsquared2 SS/2012 Men's Fashion Show.

Pebrero 12, 2012

Valentine Blah blah's

Disclaimer: This is an old post i made way back February 20, 2010 at This was actually dedicated before to my partner that time so some phrases are deleted. Just wanna share it again, Enjoy!

February is kind of the black sheep of the month family. It's the month when you start to bail on your New Year's resolutions. You're annoyed because it's already HOT outside. One of the big holidays is in celebration of a rodent with mystical, prognosticative powers. I'm thinking about becoming a believer. Nothing really exciting happens in February. And to top it all off, it only gets 29 days. If months could have chips on their shoulders, February's would be the size of a truck.

But there is one gleaming jewel, a red ruby that can be found which saves the month from wallowing in complete misery... Valentine's Day. Personally, I have always been a bit jaded when it comes to Valentine's Day. It's a holiday created by chocolate and greeting card companies to shame people into buying their products, a manufactured celebration for men to prove their love for the women in their lives. As if handing over a box of chocolates once a year is any signification of someone's love. And conversely, is the lack of a gift a sign that you don't love someone the rest of the year? Valentine's Day is an easy way to talk about sex, masquerading as love, and splash a flashy picture on the cover.

But as I've gotten older and a little wiser, mostly after learning from the incalculable mistakes I've made when it comes to love and relationships, I've started to realize the importance of Valentine's Day. In today's busy world, when we're rushing from our homes to our jobs, and inevitably, taking our work home with us at night, we forget to give Love (with a capital "L") the recognition it deserves. We say it plenty, but quite often, without feeling. And most of the time, I would venture to say, without thinking about what that Love actually means. Valentine's Day is a reminder for all of us to stop and focus, if just for a day, on the Love in your life.

Let's also take note that Valentine's Day, as with Christmas, has the potential danger of being too commercialized. Valentine's Day should be about feelings, not flowers or chocolate.

Love is Fashion, the same way as Fashion is Love. What does this all have to do with Fashion, you might ask? Love is more than just a feeling you have for another. It's a state of being. Let your clothes reflect that. Literally wear your emotions on your sleeve. If you're feeling good, flaunt it with bright colors. Show off your soaring spirit with free-flowing skirts. Or if you're particularly revved up, let a little bit of that show by donning some leather. It might be a little bit of a cliche, but red is the color of love. Go ahead, wear it. Don't be scared of being a little corny. We all do stupid things when we're in love, so you can always use that as an excuse.

Enero 09, 2012


Since my Birthday just ended (January 08, 1988, yes I'm a Capricorn) I'm still emotional, friends flooding my Facebook and Twitter Timeline and Text messages with Birthday greetings and wishes some even attempt on making my day or my user @alwayscarlson Trend! (I was very touched about this) even asks celebrities to tweet and greet me, by the way thank you Miss Divine Lee for the respond and greetings! One of my new found darling Jane Hildegard even surprised me with a cute birthday cake, as she goes down the stairs while holding the candle lit cake singing  "happy birthday to you" i was really touched, good thing i didn't cry.

I feel so blessed to have these guys so I would like to take this chance to thank every one of them who became a part of me and my life. My Carmelian Friends, OLFU friends, Facebook friends, Twitter Friends/Followers, Amazon Friends, GE recoveries friends, Chase friends, Glitterati friends, my ARM Recoveries family, my NCO Financial Systems Inc Family, my beloved Falo Ngurls and my Purchase friends and to everyone not mentioned. I will always be grateful to have you guys. and for this let me dedicate this song for you that I saw awhile ago on TV (Glee). WE ARE YOUNG by the Glee Cast

the complete version

again thank you very much darlings! WE ARE YOUNG! not only tonight but FOREVER!

Enero 04, 2012


Let's Break Bones Everyone! 4th day of the month and i am showered with a lot of blessings. this will be my song of the day, Breaking Bones by VHS or Beta. Be Electrified like I did.

Enero 01, 2012


From Atomic Bomb and Volcanic Eruption to Galaxy printed shirts, Christopher Kane is the Sh*t. Who can resist these Extra-Terrestrial shirts, its cool to wear the galaxy sometimes.

These will blow your mind (and your body) away! wish i could have one of these. 

since it will cost you a fortune (prices ranges from Php 7000 to Php18000) i heard you can find these kind of shirts, well not Christopher Kane though, but same design at your nearest ukay ukay! good luck with the treasure hunting. 

xoxo Darls!


first entry for this blog, its 2012 darlings and hope everyone had a blast like i did. it's new year but it's not a reason for me to listen to old classic songs. I've been listening to The Beatles all day especially this song... Lucy in the sky with diamonds. Enjoy Darls!